Kodan Skaala

Kodan Skaala service is ideal for tailor-made digital services that require regular development but do not require the presence of a full-time developer or a dedicated development team.

Small-scale development for tailor-made digital solutions

Kodan Skaala is a service specifically designed for customized digital services that require ongoing small-scale development. It provides an ideal solution for situations where assembling a full-time developer or team is not cost-effective or feasible.

With Kodan Skaala, our customers have the flexibility to create a customized service package that aligns with their development pace and budget. They have complete control over the amount of development work they want to undertake each month. Whether it's a few days, a few weeks, or even no development work at all during certain months, our clients have the freedom to decide.

Our pricing is transparent, with a pre-agreed monthly amount of work and euros, and there will be no extra hours without customer consent. This ensures clarity and predictability in billing.

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Skaala comes with a maintenance service

In addition to the development of new features, Skaala also includes technology and security updates, as well as optimization for both back-end and front-end solutions.

We ensure that every technology, library, plug-in, and component of your digital service is updated to its latest stable and secure version. Additionally, we guarantee that your service functions smoothly without any bottlenecks.

How to get started with Skaala?

First, you can read more about Skaala and how to maintain a customized digital solution from our recently published guidebook, which you can download for free. The guidebook is currently available only in Finnish. Sorry about that!

Second, it's good to know that the Skaala cooperation begins with a takeover phase. This phase ensures that our experts have a comprehensive understanding of the targeted digital solution's structure and current state. The takeover phase also includes a regulatory review, providing our client with insight into the technical debt and the initial steps towards its repayment.

Finally, you can book a meeting with Tomi Viitasalo, who is available to answer your questions. You can use a scheduling service, contact form or contact him through email or phone:

Tomi Viitasalo, Business Lead
+358 (0)400 81 81 11