Streamlining Mesensei's development processes

Case: Mesensei

Mesensei designs and creates mobile solutions for organisations and companies. The company turned to Kodan when they wanted to renew their software development processes and make them more cost-effective.

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After some brainstorming, we decided to focus on transforming part of their service into the cloud. The result of teaming up with Mesensei was a modern new way of working that Mesensei can now carry out independently in their future projects.

We were excited to be asked by Mesensei to kick their product into a new gear and speed up their development by offering technical help. We wanted to design the new architecture in a way that would support and enhance the company’s business model. Transforming the process was a challenge, but we here at Kodan love a good challenge!

Moving to the cloud for flexibility and safety

At the start of the project, we felt the vibe about where Mesensei was at and then had a brainstorming sessions to chat about where they wanted to go next. Deciding to split the system into several smaller parts and moving those into a cloud infrastructure, we used the microservice architecture approach, because operating in the cloud improves system performance and safety, and makes everything easier to maintain.

We chose the Mesensei’s API for images as our test feature that we would move into the cloud. As the projectt kicked off, we noticed we could also offer Mesensei valuable help with programming and provide them with more workforce.


Kicking off with the modernization, we used AWS and node.js tools and brought in a senior and a junior coder, which also helped us amp up our own knowledge. While our developers Nikolas KohvakkaJuho Hautala and Jan Ruusuvuori worked with moving the image API into the cloud, Mesensei’s programmers were able to get on with their own work, using the existing system uninterrupted.

Result: Cloud-based microarchitecture, clear direction and more tools for the future

The project didn’t need a hefty investment in terms of money or time. All in all, it was a swift move that will help Mesensei to do the same with the rest of their services in the future, and in general enables new, established processes. New features can now be developed and implemented faster than ever.

At the end of our collaboration, Mesensei was happy with the work we’d done together and the smoothness of the process. We’re stoked to have helped them on their journey toward expansion.

Working with Kodan has been a breeze. They were quick and efficient, and we got solid and concrete results fast.
— Tuukka Ylälahti, Co-founder & CEO at Mesensei

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