Skaala: Maximizing the potential of custom digital solutions

Blog | May 19, 2023

Are you using a customized digital solution for your company's internal or client-facing operations? Do you find it challenging to get adequate help and answers for queries related to these tailored digital solutions?

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In this article, we dig into the importance of maintaining and updating custom digital solutions, how to identify warning signs of struggling services and the truth about technical debt. Lastly, we introduce Skaala, the latest offering from Kodan to help businesses with their digital solutions.

What exactly is a customized digital solution?

Not all digital solutions are created equal. Generic, off-the-shelf solutions (e.g. WordPress, webshop platforms, most ERP and CRM systems) may not always address the unique needs and requirements of every business. This is where tailored digital solutions come into play.

A tailored digital solution is a customized software or service made specifically for a company's unique challenges and goals. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it's a carefully designed solution that matches the company's processes, objectives, and target audience. Whether it's a complex web app, a mobile app, or custom software, tailored digital solutions are built from scratch or customized to meet the company's needs. This provides a smooth and personalized experience for both the company and its customers.

The warning signs of struggling solutions

As companies invest significant resources in developing and implementing these customized digital services, it becomes essential to understand the importance of maintaining and updating them for continued effectiveness and long-term success. Neglecting maintenance can result in lost opportunities, reduced efficiency or even reputational damage. Proactive management ensures improved performance, better security, optimized user experience as well as increased customer satisfaction.

How can you spot warning signs of struggling solutions, software, or applications? Check the list below:

  • Slow and painful progress of development

  • Reluctance from software developers to take on the project

  • Lack of ownership and responsibility for the solution

  • Support services for the solution have permanently ended

  • Visible issues with the solution's performance and functionality

The truth about technical debt

Technical debt occurs when shortcuts are taken during the development or building of a service, resulting in unsustainable solutions. These temporary fixes may seem efficient initially, but can later on lead to overloaded and outdated systems, negatively impacting the operations.

While technical debt may initially seem acceptable as a short-term solution, it can pile up over time. Technical debt flows from various sources, like inconsistent operating methods and lack of documentation. As it accumulates, it can complicate things, as it is crucial for organizations to be aware of and proactively manage technical debt to prevent long-term negative impacts.

Introducing Kodan's latest: Skaala

Entrust your digital solution maintenance and development to Kodan by outsourcing the task to our talented experts. This allows you to focus on the core business while we take care of managing your company's digital services. Our Skaala services include technology and security updates and optimization - and development of new features. With Skaala, we can create a customized support and development solution that fits your pace and budget.

Kodan's Skaala services begin with a takeover phase, aimed at ensuring our experts have a comprehensive understanding of the targeted digital solution's structure and current state. To achieve this, we require all necessary access rights from the client to maintain, manage and develop the solution. The takeover phase also includes a regulatory review, enabling our clients to gain insight into the technical debt and the initial steps towards its repayment.

The takeover phase consists of:

  • User and access rights allocation to our experts

  • Code and system transfer to customer or Kodan

  • Technical review for assessing technical debt and repayment steps

  • Ability to update production versions of digital services by Kodan

Pricing is transparent with pre-agreed monthly work and no extra hours without customer consent, ensuring clarity on billing.

How to get started with Skaala?

First, you can read more about Skaala and how to maintain a customized digital solution from our recently published guidebook, which you can download from The guidebook is currently available only in Finnish. Sorry about that!

Second, you can book a meeting with Tomi Viitasalo, who is available to answer your questions. You can use a scheduling service or contact him through email or phone:

Tomi Viitasalo, Business Lead
+358 (0)400 81 81 11

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