KFC’s top picks for June 2022

Blog | June 8, 2022

Here are some of the most useful online resources that Kodan Frontend Community has come across during past weeks. Learn and enjoy!

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Kodan Frontend Community (also known as KFC) is Kodan’s internal frontend and design oriented learning group. Its purpose is to emphasize user-centered software development topics and share knowledge. KFC meets every Friday and there's an active Slack channel as well. 

Here are some of the most useful online resources we have come across during past weeks:

Driving Product Teams to Become More Design Mature: Great user experience is everyone’s business. A great blog post by Jared M. Spool.

Delightful React File/Directory Structure: An opinionated take on everyone’s favorite topic to argue: React project’s file structure. There are also some useful snippets, hooks, and other stuff in the examples of the article. Wise words by Joshua Comeau.

Performance Optimization Strategy in 2022: A good checklist to glance at every once in a while if you are worried about your website performance (and of course you are). Compiled by Vitaly Friedman.

Designing big, complex products from scratch: Every now and then we need to tame complexity in design. This article by Jake Rich is a great help when dealing with complexity issues.

All developer news in one place: Keep inspired and up to date on the latest developer news by simply opening a new browser tab!

Bonus! Here are a couple of newsletters that you should definitely check out: Smashing Magazine, Frontend Focus and React Newsletter. 

The resources are curated by Pirkka and Mika, the brains behind KFC.

And that’s it for today. And remember, the easiest way to join KFC is to join Kodan ;)

Photo source: screenshot from Frontend Focus.

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